What sounds do you make in the gym?

Managing one of Lagos’ leading gyms, and my commitment to working out as a lifestyle means I am at the gym A LOT. People-watching is also one of my favourite things, so you’d imagine that I could write a book on all the tiny winy gym habits or idiosyncrasies (if you like).

Not to say I am creepy but, let’s just say I am very aware or conscious of my environment…For instance, it’s interesting how people make so many different kinds of sounds while working out. Obviously, everybody has a different pain threshold but, it’s not just that. Some people just make such weird noises while working out especially those that attempt heavy lifting.

One time, I was working out and I heard some weird noise. It was more a moan of pleasure than a cry of pain (Don’t ask me how I know, I just do ). Initially, I thought it might have been just in my head, so I carried on minding my business. Then, it persisted. It was indeed like someone was letting out an actual moan. Oh wow… It soon caught the attention of everyone else and soon enough, we were all giving each other weird glances that seemed like “where is that coming from?” “Did you hear that?”

Eventually, we found out that it was a young woman at the back who was trying out some weights and she was in pain. It was really funny because the weight she was carrying wasn’t proportionate to the sound she was making. We all thought people were having sex at the gym! That was how weird her sounds were.

So, I know the question is, “is there an appropriate sound to make while at the gym or while working out?” The answer is NO. This is because your body is mostly experiencing some level of pain and you do not control exactly how you react to it at the time and your mouth can release sounds that can come in form of grunts or groans or even a shill cry and in some extreme situations, hot tears.

However, one can train themselves to understand that they are in public and for that reason do not need to make some kinds of noise or sounds that would cause discomfort to others. For example, moaning sounds.

What I advise is to take things slow. While at the gym, don’t kill yourself. Those muscles won’t be built in one day and if you carried 10kg dumbbell yesterday, you have no reason to come around today and lift or attempt lifting a 40kg dumbbell.

You will be causing too much pain to your body and at the same time, you’ll not be gaining anything from that futile exercise. What you can do is to get a coach who can help you take things slow. Teach you what to do and assist you while doing them while also monitoring your progress.

Those weird sounds only come from a place of pain and if you know you are prone to making the weirdest noises in public, you need to stop putting yourself through the torture of lifting weights that are too much for you or just generally doing anything at all that will put you in a position to make sounds that inconvenience people.

So, tell me. What kinds of sounds do you find yourself making at the gym? Have you ever heard someone make some weird sounds while working out? Give me the gist!

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