The Gym Wear Myth That Should Be Stopped

Over the years, there has been a sort of unspoken rule about the appropriate fit for the gym. It’s almost like someone came out and said “Don’t look good while going to the gym. You’re going there to sweat after all”. But, the truth is, as much as you are going to sweat after working out, you do not need to leave your house to anywhere including the gym without looking presentable.

You know how they say that when you are dressed properly, you feel more confident and beautiful? Well, why then do you think it doesn’t apply to your gym wears? The gym is a place where you go to work on your body to improve your self-esteem and for body positivity too.

This doesn’t mean that you should always just throw on those sweaty sneakers and those black singlets and knickers. Going to work out doesn’t mean you should just take any random
piece of clothing with you. This is why there are gym wears designed and produced for the gym specifically.

Now, you can style some of these gym wears with other pieces of clothing for other events or places if you are very fashionable and have an eye for good outfits. If you don’t, then, you can always
keep your gym wears just for the gym. Subsequently, I will be showing you some available gym wears, how to style them and why they should be worn.

Personally, when I prepare for the gym, I take a shower, get my face prepped, lay my edges, spray a very nice perfume and deodorant and generally make sure that I look good through and through. This is because the more I look good, the more I will have the confidence to go out of my house and conquer the world. You should try it today.

Some people do not bother to take a bath and look good because, “After all, I’m going to sweat. So, what’s the need” But, let me give you an instance.

Have you ever been invited to an event where you were told the colour of the day and probably the theme and then you get to the event and see that not only are you wearing something that makes you stand out, you look so good that everybody else is amazed by your outfit. How did that make you feel? Small and insignificant? Bold and confident? Of course we know the answer to that question. Nobody likes to look off in a gathering and when that is you, it can be nerve racking and heart breaking.

But, when you step into the venue and become the cynosure of all eyes, you can proudly raise your chin and strut into the venue knowing that you look so good. Now, the level of effort and time
you put into looking good for that event wasn’t for anybody but, for yourself to be amongst people and feel smart, sexy and beautiful with a huge doze of confidence. That is exactly how you should walk into anywhere especially the gym.

I’m going to leave you with a tip today. When preparing for the gym, think of the worst case scenario possible. What if you meet a potential client and you cant approach them because you look terrible? What if you miss out on something very important because of how you are dressed? How will that make you feel?

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